Friday, October 6, 2017

Reupholstering Dining Chairs

When your father is getting rid of his power tools, always take him up on his offer to give them to you. ALWAYS. I mean, even if you don't think you'll use it, more than likely you will need it someday.

Okay, so that sounds hoarderish, and admittedly, even I was skeptical when we started loading the Outback with far more tools than I ever thought we'd fit in that car, one thing I didn't think would come in handy but has saved my wrists from arthritic-carpal-tunnel-like excruciating pain is a pneumatic stapler. Basic, right? I mean, I have two staple guns that work great, but then upon inspecting how many staples are beneath our dining chairs made me realize those two standard guns just weren't going to cut it. Enter the hero of the party, my father's old pneumatic staple gun. Of course, this tool totally would've been useless without the accompanying air compressor he also gave me.

So after a quick run to Starbucks because it's #PSL season, I got to work.

First things first, I had to unscrew the chair pad from the frame. Lazy ass that I am, I used a drill.

Cutting the fabric I bought, which, side-note, normally $25 per yard but I totally abused a JoAnn's 25% off home décor coupon and a 50% off sale to get three yards of this beautiful Caspian blue fabric for the bargain price of $28!

Now, this is where that handy dandy staple gun comes in, because those staples need to be in there pretty good. My manual stapler usually needs me to hammer down the staples further, which totally sucks. This bad boy just powers through like a champ. LOVE!!!

After screwing the pad back onto the frame, I have to say that I LOVE the results! So much better than the previous owner’s choice of fabric that totally reminds me of 1998, which, granted, is great for 1998, but they were showing their age.

Thanks again, Dad! This pneumatic staple gun made reupholstering six dining chairs a breeze! My Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte may have helped me get through that hour of work as well.