Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Cousin Brandi

My cousin Brandi needs money. This isn't to say that she is panhandling-on-the-street poor, but rather fourth-year-doctorate-needs-internship-application/interview funds. When I first saw her plea on CrowdFundEDU, I was initially reluctant to give. How much would I be able to give? I mean, what amount could I realistically offer on a barely above minimum wage salary? 

So I reread her plea, and saw the little PayPal button. PayPal. I have a PayPal account I use for my Etsy Shop, and I knew there was some money in it from recent sales. And so I immediately made my initial $25 donation. From there, I looked into where I could find more money I wouldn't miss, and didn't have to look any further. My Etsy Shop. From now until December fifteenth, I will be donating one hundred percent of the sales to her CrowdFund.

Please read her reason for going into the psychology field. Please donate if you can. Please feel free to buy an $8 puppet pattern with step by step instructions and over 120 color pictures knowing that $8 will be going to a good cause.