Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Money Makers

I’ve been thinking a lot about a conversation my husband and I had the other day about, well, finances. This mostly stemmed from the fact that we had to fix a fifteen year old car that any normal person would have simply replaced. Rather than pay a mechanic over eight hundred dollars to replace a twenty five dollar rubber gasket, he did it himself over the course of eight days. Lower manifold gaskets are nothing to be scoffed at when a 1998 Chevy Blazer is involved. Holy Shitballs, Batman!

Anyway, we were talking about money, or, more accurately, our lack of money, and came to the conclusion that my job really isn’t going anywhere. I mean, I do love it, but there isn’t any money to be made as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic. That and I am pretty sure my friend (and boss) is planning to retire soon, though he would never admit it, so it would be a good time to start figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. Or, to be more specific, what I want to do that will actually generate funds in the short term, since I already know that my long-term goal is to be a fiction writer and children’s book author/illustrator.

Time to make a list of talents and skills:

1)      How can I make money being a sassy black woman? I mean, this takes mad skills. I don’t know why it is, but sassy black women love me. Perhaps it is because I must have been one in a past life. Yes, this must be it. It’s the only explanation that makes sense. One of my coworkers is pretty sure of this too.
2)      How can I make money being an animal? This takes skills as well. Talking animals? Even more skills. Seriously, whenever my dogs look at me, I make up their conversation out loud. This is no joke, you can ask my husband. They all have their own voices… even the chickens.
3)      How can I make money being a butcher? A baker? A candlestick maker? A water buffalo? A frog? A monkey?

And then it hit me; my husband has the equipment for doing voiceover work. Perhaps it is time I look into doing the same. I refuse to give up on writing, but as supplemental income with no startup costs and the ability to work from home during my spare time, I can’t think of a better option.