Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Duck Eggs

Some decisions are easy to live with while others make you want to take back everything negative you ever thought or said. Ducks would be the latter.

After convincing my husband we should take our female duck, Trixie, to some pond somewhere and be done with her, I’m having second thoughts. Why? Because today I ate some of her eggs, and man, those ovas were delicious! Oh. My. Gawd. If you’ve never tried duck eggs, imagine the freshest, best tasting fried egg you’ve ever had in your entire life and quadruple that in richness and flavor. That, my friends, are what duck eggs taste like. If it is at all possible, they actually taste more eggy.

And so, now I have to convince my husband that we really do need to keep Trixie, and put up with her loud, obnoxious, constant chatter, because damn, those eggs are worth every last bit of annoyance we have to put up with her. Perhaps I should save the next couple eggs she lays so he can try them for himself. Unless, of course, I can’t fight the urge to eat them myself!


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