Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Plans

So, in a few weeks, my husband and I will officially be married. Officially, I say, because seven years ago we had our actual wedding ceremony. What we are planning on will be a much simpler affair. As in, a couple witness and a friend to officiate. Nothing fancy. And then my brain starts to ponder a few random thoughts thanks to my other half asking where we should do this whole wedding thing.


Do we get married in a church? Nope, already done that. 

Do we find a place that means something special? Uh, define ‘special’? We don’t have any real attachments to places around town. Hmmm…

Nope, I’ve got nothing.

And then there’s that whole bit about witnesses. Do our dogs count? I’m sure I could get Lucy to sign anything she needs to with a bit of practice.

Chuck might be a bit difficult to wrangle into doing, well, anything besides being crazy.


Why is it that we are trying to turn something simple like signing a certificate of marriage into a magical life-changing event? I suppose it would be different if we hadn’t already done this before. But at the same time, a little part of me wants to make this romantic and memorable, even if it will be on a Monday.

Yes, a Monday.

Because, after seventeen years, we may as well stick with our original anniversary. That and we are lazy and don’t want to have to remember a new date. Because dates are hard. Like math.

Wow. I’m no closer to figuring out how April 8th is going to go than I was before.



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