Monday, September 3, 2012

The Ducks

Ducks are messy, loud, foul creatures. Well, maybe fowl is more accurate.

Preparing for their independence, we decided it would be best if the ducks had their own shelter separate from the coop. That way they could have access to the pool when we aren’t home. I half expected to either find the uneaten remains of two ducks or nothing at all. Pessimistic? A little. But in all seriousness, I don’t know if these girls are really going to fare well as domesticated ducks when, well, they aren’t. Okay, so maybe a little. They are rather attached to the two pullets they were raised with and vice versa.

So yesterday afternoon we were trying to figure out if a coop extension with the pool inside would work, but decided that would not only be too much work, but also not very practical as it would also have to be predator proof and we don’t have any extra half-inch wire mesh to cover it. Then I thought we could simply make something with the fence sections that have been leaning against the neighbors fence since we moved in, but that just won’t work either for various reasons. We decided on Lucy’s (our Great Dane) old plastic puppy kennel before we switched to a larger metal one. We were going to put it together and leave the door off, but then after looking at half of it on the ground, realized just half would be sufficient. Now, if only they would realized that this was for them because I think they spent all last night huddled next to the damn thing instead of inside it. Weirdos.

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