Friday, August 3, 2012

Art and Money

I was recently asked, “If you could make a living off of your passions, would you?” The answer is a resounding, “YES!”

Art is subjective. I’d like to say that I have a pretty broad range when it comes to painting, but honestly, I love to tell stories so they tend to have an illustrative quality to them. It is said that artists develop a unique style, and this is quite true. One can look at a painting I’ve done and then look at a puppet or quilt and see the same qualities and characteristics. When I was a kid I wanted to imitate so many other artists and illustrators and writers, but as an adult I find that I really like to explore my own style further. I find myself wanting to collect other artist’s work rather than try and make something similar even if I can because I have a better understanding of what goes on behind the work and could never duplicate that feeling unless it is uniquely mine. I also find myself wondering I could ever work up the courage to put myself out there for the world to see.

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