Friday, August 31, 2012

The Fandango Dilemma

I need more fabric! Okay, so really I need more fabric that goes with the Fandango line by Kate Spain from Moda.

Subdued reds, corals and pastels mingle among ivory and aqua. These colors aren’t necessarily part of my repertoire. Oh, I have a red or two and ivory I’ve got as well, either in the form of quilting fabric or muslin, but the overall pastel color scheme? Not so much. Also, I calculated just how large, or small to be more specific, the finished quilt will be. Perfect for a child, not so much for an adult… even it will be a lap quilt.

Do I continue my search for fabric from this line? Do I look for similar fabrics to fill in? Or should I simply break down and buy some pastels to add to my stash? That’s it! I’m giving myself until Christmas to finish this quilt instead of next week!


  1. Have you tried etsy? I saw some fabrics from that line on etsy last week when I was searching for some Terrain.

    1. I have and will probably end up going that route. Pretty sure my favorite local quilt shop still has some from that line too, but don't know when I'll be able to get over there. I'm also leaning towards warm pastel solids for filler.