Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Christmas Planning

It’s the middle of August. It’s time to start thinking about Christmas.

Crafter’s usually plan out the following year’s gifts, well, about a year in advance. I used to do this when I was younger. I’d pull out a notepad and jot down names and what to make them during the winter break and start working on projects by spring break. By the time summer break would be over I would be well on my way to finishing my list. The older I got, the further my list would get made and the later my presents would be finished. By college I’d be up the night before starting most of my handmade presents up until it was time to leave for the Christmas party.

Now I find myself wanting to at least do some planning. I’ve scaled back on gift giving tremendously. No longer do I feel compelled to make something for every single person I know. Instead I try to focus mostly on the kids and, if I’m up to it, an ornament for the adults. This year I’m thinking it would be nice to make something for my parents (all sets of them) since it has been some years since actually making gifts for them.

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