Saturday, August 11, 2012

Neighbor Chicks

Our friends and family usually will either walk right into the house or knock lightly then walk in. Rarely does our doorbell ring except for the landlord or solicitors.

Last night there was ring of our doorbell. Our dog was unimpressed as she was apparently napping until I got up to investigate. It was one of our neighbors asking if we had some time to answer a few questions about chickens because they just got some chicks. We immediately said yes. I know, we’re geeks like that.

Ready to put our chicken knowledge to the test, they started in with how much heat and light the newborn chicks they had just picked up from one of the local feed stores as we watched them roam around inside a Rubbermaid tote. After we told them what breeds they probably have, we moved on to the backyard where they had to possibilities for building a chicken coop. Now, their available space is actually less than ours, but they have a dog run on the side of the house and an old playground with a built-in play house their kids are all too old to use. Both of these areas would be perfect for keeping chickens with just some minor adjustments. We’re going to have to have them over to take a look at our coop to get an idea of what the chickens would need. 

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