Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vacation Bible School

One thing I looked forward to during the summer growing up, even though we weren’t church going folk for the most part, was Vacation Bible School. The church was a block away from where we lived and the activities were always fun. The tradition continued when we’d spend our summers with our aunt Diana during the day and she’d take us to another church for their Vacation Bible School which always featured puppets. I’m pretty sure my fascination with Muppet-style puppets was cemented in watching a live performance daily during that first year.

Now it is time for our church to have its annual Vacation Bible School, and I’m finding a way to incorporate one of my puppet characters, Noah, who is like an unofficial mascot for our church. Eventually I’d love to be able to create a whole cast and story for each year to start and end each day of Vacation Bible School, or Camp Earthwalkers as we call it since it is usually nature-based. Alas, my procrastination and lack of focus lately will make this reality have to wait another year. Perhaps a conversation at our next Christian Education meeting with the director is in order to gauge if something like this would work for next year.

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