Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Festival of Shakespeare

Shakespeare is something that can be both difficult and fun to perform. Of course, having a great play to do helps.

All day yesterday was spent with what has to be the best group of high school kids. I’m not just saying that because of the group I was with, but it seemed all the kids there from the six high schools were fantastic. It was great to see them all bonding with other kids from the various schools involved while doing something they all enjoyed and is certain to be an experience that will linger a lifetime. That and the Ridgefield kids were the only ones pictured in the local newspaper not only on the front cover of the paper, but also the front cover of the Weekend Edition and a cast photo inside. How awesome is that?

With Ridgefield’s performance of Twelfth Night being first, normally that would have been a tough act to follow with any performance they do since they have undoubtedly one of the strongest drama teams I’ve ever seen. However with a noncompetitive supportive program such as the Fall Festival of Shakespeare, it was more about letting the kids see other kids perform and learn different techniques and acting styles.

And so it is, after watching four plays yesterday, we will be attending the final two performances this afternoon even though the school my husband helped with is not performing. Why? Because this has gotten me excited about Shakespeare in a way I’ve never been before.

(Photos copyright The Columbian, photographed by Steven Lane)

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