Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving: Minus Two Days

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is usually the earliest I will start any of the sides. It is also the last day I will step foot into a grocery store until after the holiday madness is over.

Time to go over my checklist and see where I am at on supplies and replenish any stock required for the big day. The last thing anyone wants is to finally be ready for dinner and have the sudden realization you’re out of butter! Okay, so perhaps this is mainly my concern. However, with just a few people and only a few sides, this year should breeze by pretty easily, right? Alas, one can never be too prepared.

I am thoroughly amazed at just how much butter I go through on Thanksgiving. Last year, for example, and albeit that was for thirteen people, I went through two pounds of butter like it was, uh, er… butter. This year I am planning on using about the same, even though it’ll only be four of us. Why so much? Because I’m making the same amount of food. What is the point of making a huge turkey feast if there won’t be leftovers? With that in mind, another couple pounds of butter will be added to my grocery list today, along with bread, milk and onions. This house can never have too many onions because I will find a use for them.

Also on my checklist is to make sure the turkey is thawed or on its way to being so. I really don’t feel like dealing with the frozen inner cavity of a bird again. If it does, however, come to that, I have no idea how I’ll be able to do what I did last year which was continue thawing it with water in the sink since our sinks in this house are much shallower than our previous ones. But I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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