Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The First

The first of the month is always a busy day, both at work and in terms of bills. Hence, crappy late blog post today.

It always seems like the first of the month both can’t come fast enough and yet when it happens I wish it weren’t the way it is. I mean, everyone likes a paycheck, and for those of us only paid monthly, this means all at once, which is nice, but also means that it almost all goes away faster than it was deposited. Thanks rent. Thanks phone. Thanks water, electric, garbage and gas. Ugh.

But on a happier note I am making cupcakes for the kids at Ridgefield High School for the final rehearsal before the big play Saturday in Downtown Portland. I was originally going to make a cake but decided it would be easier to simply do cupcakes and decorate them with play themes rather than baking a larger cake and trying to find a way to not make it look ghetto with either too much or too little flotsam. Alas, I also like making cupcakes because they are way easier to portion out. And let’s face it, I like things easy.

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