Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Planning Thanksgiving

At the grocery store yesterday I noticed it was obviously time to start stocking up on canned and nonperishable goods. Must be close to Thanksgiving.

It never fails that this time of year has some of the best prices on those center aisles of the grocery store. It also never fails that our cupboards are filled with chicken and beef stock, soups and green beans. Yes, I know fresh is better, but canned has a nostalgic taste that simply cannot compete. Of course one of the things I missed that I forgot to put on my list was flour. Ah, next week I suppose.

And so while perusing the aisles trying to gather provisions for Thanksgiving, the thought that there is still a week away grabbed my attention and I had to also plan meals leading up to it as well. While I’m not always adept at purchasing foods based off of meals I plan on making, I decided instead to focus on getting whatever we would eat and was cheap. Typically this is how I shop anyway, stocking up on what I consider basics for a multitude of meals such as garlic, onions, red bell peppers and either pork or chicken. Add rice and I’ve got a stir fry. Add corn tortillas and I’ve got fajitas. Add corn and apples and I’ve got pork chops, chunky applesauce and creamed corn. And of course there are standbys with few ingredients as well, like spaghetti, Tuna Gemelli (though I make mine with penne) and Fettuccini Alfredo.

This year we are spending the day with friends who have family back east and have already figured out who’s making what. Of course, my problem is that I can’t not make a lot of food, so we’ll see if I can tone down this year what I failed to do last year. Then again, last year our small family gathering turned into thirteen people so perhaps overdoing the whole food thing isn’t such a bad idea. And if it does turn out to be just the four of us, then there will be plenty of leftovers for turkey sandwiches! Now, if I can only locate fresh cranberries for the cranberry sauce.

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