Friday, March 23, 2012


I used to love making cakes. Of course, that was when I didn’t have a job.

Working and running a side business are completely doable. I did it for years when working at Crapmart. However, working most Saturdays and later nights then I used to now at the vet clinic, I find it nearly impossible to do the kinds of cakes people want me to do without taking time off of work. This isn’t such a great idea. The last wedding cake I did I ended up barely breaking even on the cake itself (I only charged two-hundred-thirty dollars) but lost two days I could’ve worked to bake and decorate it. If they weren’t friends of ours, I would’ve charged more to make up the difference, but me being me, I didn’t.

I’ve already had two brides ask me to make their wedding cakes this summer and I had to be honest that I don’t feel comfortable making cakes anymore, especially for a wedding. I mean, I can do it, but for what most people are willing to spend on cake I can’t. It seems people have no problem spending almost a thousand dollars on flowers, but three hundred dollars for a wedding cake large enough to feed two hundred people? Hell no!

Now I have a ninetieth birthday cake to make for another friend at church and I am not taking time off work to make it, but also am having to strategically plan how to pay for the ingredients because, surprise! I didn’t ask for a down payment. I know I am a horrible business person, but c’mon, at some point common sense has got to kick in. After this, it might be time to hang up my pastry bags.

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