Thursday, March 8, 2012

Writing Geek

To feed into my writing geekness, I decided to post this lovely explanatory bit about proper grammar I found on Pinterest from The Copyblogger ( This gives me hope that I am obviously not alone in my efforts.

Now this isn’t to say that I follow these rules all the time, because if it is required to break the rules for comedic effect, I will; so long as it makes sense to do so. However, be that as it may, it’s nice to know there is a super simple explanation poster out there to easily explain when and how to be grammatically correct. Of course, now that I’ve gotten back into this kick, I’m wondering if it is finally time to start writing fiction again. I know some old friends (a.k.a. novels and children’s books) who would like seeing me again and vice versa. Perhaps I should try to spend some time tonight revisiting them.

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