Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Motivation Found

Yesterday I finally found my motivation after grocery shopping. Frustration over not finding what I’m looking for.

Nothing angers me more than having a coupon for Lucky Charms at a dollar ninety nine for up to four boxes and they’re out of the size the coupon is good for. Figures. Of course, it didn’t help that I went on the last day the coupon was good for at this particular grocery store, so I suppose I will have to take some of the blame. Still, it makes me wonder if once they sell out of a certain amount they simply hoard the rest in the stockroom so as to not lose too much money on this incredible deal.

With all that aggravated energy running through me, I decided to mow the lawn. Of course, being the first time to start the mower in five months, it took nearly all that energy out of me just to get it going. Seriously, I spent like a half an hour trying to start the damn thing. Fortunately we have such a small patch of lawn that it only took about ten minutes to mow the whole thing, even with it getting stuck in the incredibly soft and squishy ground… and getting caught on a tennis ball. Whoops. I’d call it grass, but lawn is more accurate as more than fifty percent of it is, well, not so much.

Somehow I managed to find my motivation renewed as I started hacking away at the climbing rose in the front yard by the porch. After trimming off all the wild growing branches, it made me think about getting some other climbing pants for the rest of the front porch since there are three unused trellises attached to it. However, the thought was only fleeting as I wanted to clean out the garden boxes and flower pots. Hopefully the Dahlia tubers will show some signs that they are planning on blooming again this year before we plant anything else in the pots, or perhaps I just need to leave the center open. Then again, they are summer blooming so I might not see any green until the next month or two when the weather is more consistently warm. I suppose I just need a little patience because I also want to start planting seeds for vegetables and lettuces, but the frosty mornings are saying otherwise.

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