Sunday, May 29, 2011


We’re watching our dog Lucy’s boyfriend, Otto the one-eyed Pug, and a guinea pig also named Lucy until Wednesday. Basically it means craziness on the part of the dogs for the next few days.

Whenever Otto comes over to visit, Lucy loves it. She has someone to play with that will actually play back, unlike the cats who just scratch at her nose. Okay, so really the crazy playtime lasts as long as a Pug and Great Dane have energy, which really isn’t that long. Of course, Otto has much less energy than a regular Pug and Lucy has much more energy than a regular Great Dane so they tend to wear each other out at the same time.

Lucy the guinea pig doesn’t really do much but eat and squeak, so keeping her in the boys’s room while they aren’t here will be fine. I just hope she lets me hold her for a bit because as it is she just slips out of her little house to snatch a piece of lettuce or bell pepper and quickly backtracks into her little house again.

Personally, I love it when Otto comes to visit too. Even though at times when the two dogs are vying for my attention it tries my patience, the fact that Lucy gets to play like a dog is worth it. The cats on the other hand are not amused.

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