Friday, May 13, 2011


Yesterday while the cable guy, gas guy and carpet cleaner guy were all doing their thing, I was busy assembling a wardrobe and transforming it into a pantry. Actually, transform isn’t the right word since we’re just using it as such.

When a functional piece of furniture can be purposed for something else, that is great. Take, for instance the Dombas Wardrobe from IKEA. Yes, there are mostly shelves on one side, but that one side can hold a lot of stuff that an otherwise cabinet-lacking kitchen couldn’t hold. And the other side, while meant for hanging clothes, will be perfect to store brooms, mops and Lucy’s food container. I tempted to see if the ironing board will also fit inside.

As for assembling the piece, IKEA has great no-word instructions that are easy to follow and I was able to pick up the flat-packed boxes and put it together myself. Oh, I’m sure it would’ve gone by faster had there been another person helping, but I had to be there while the cable guy and gas guy were doing their thing anyway. By the time the carpet guy showed up I was cleaning off small appliances and putting them on the shelves.

We’ve been using an open air wire storage rack for the small appliances, but I’m thinking that having them inside the cabinet will dramatically cut down on the cleaning and dust they accumulated on the rack. Besides, it looks cleaner. Of course, after I finally assembled the piece and put it where I thought we should put it, another question arose; do we even need the wire rack in the kitchen anymore? Alas, the answer will probably be no, in which case, I’m going to move the pantry onto another wall to make more space for the dining table.

So while it doesn’t seem like a lot was accomplished yesterday, we now have heat and hot water, internet (our biggest priority!), and clean (but still slightly stained) carpets. All in all the house is finally ready to be moved into. Except for the bathrooms and the office ceiling, all of which still require painting. Ugh.

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