Friday, May 20, 2011

Operation Kitchen: Complete

Yesterday my plan to finish the kitchen and the boys’s room was a success. Well, mostly.

After getting a rather late start, running by the house to load up the shelving unit in the kitchen we used as a baker’s rack, some yard tools, and a few little things, I went to the hardware store to exchange the much-too-small hose I got for the refrigerator ice maker installation. Fortunately it was only a couple bucks more for a connector five feet longer. Like I said, grossly underestimated the size I’d need. Now we have ice!

Anyway, so I got home and started doing what I could to tackle the mess otherwise known as the kitchen, filled with boxes of pots, pans, bowls and stemware, bags and reusable shopping bags I’d loaded with groceries, and started trying to figure out where to rehome them. The once useless space under the corner cabinet section? I found that if I got all the way down on the floor I can just barely reach the very back. So I put least used items in the farthest reaches of its confines and used one shelf for baking goods and the bottom for extra storage bags and plastic wrap. I’m sure more stuff will make it in.

After the kitchen was mostly tackled, I began work on the boys’s room. I had an idea of how it would turn out, but after putting the bedding on the futon and books and a few toys on the bookcases and their clothes in the dresser, it still looks empty. Perhaps we need to get a few posters for the walls and definitely bring over the stuffed animals from the house.

We then started putting boxes in the closets of stuff we either weren’t unpacking or unpacking yet, and brought in the baker’s rack from the garage to put all of our bins of food, the microwave and cookbooks. I have to say that with the addition of the pantry, the baker’s rack does look quite empty. However, I’m thinking that open storage for all the cake pans will make good use of those bottom two shelves. We’ll see how well this plan works. In the mean time, I’m excited to see how well working in this kitchen will be. With a cake order and a cupcake order for tomorrow, I guess I’ll find out tonight.

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