Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Loads

We’re getting to the point where we only have a couple more loads of stuff to get at the old house. Honestly, I’m ready to be done moving and start living.

The plan today is to take both cars and the trailer and pick up everything we are keeping and bring it back here, which mostly entails to outside and garage stuff. There are a few odds and ends inside, but not much, just the fish tank, one of the sewing machines, and a few things in the kitchen and office. I just hope we can get everything we need moved over today, or at least a majority of it. I can always go there after work tomorrow for the inside stuff we can’t move today.

So, outside we need to bring over all of our potted plants and pots, the whiskey barrel fish pond and whiskey barrel strawberries, Buddha and other decorations, wheel barrel, and the rest of the chicken stuff, especially the extra roof sheet to fix the damaged section from the move. Ugh, the coop. Yes, we still need to fix the chicken coop too. I guess with all of the outdoor moving of stuff we’ll be ready to finally tackle the coop when we get back.

Of course, to put another kink in the situation, the landlord is coming by with an electrician to change out the 40 amp breaker to the range, which has a 50 amp plug. Basically, they are coming out to fix the whole situation of not being able to use the oven and the stovetop at the same time without the breaker tripping. Hopefully it’ll be as simple as my husband’s dad made it sound. But this means we’ll have to clean up the area around the breaker box too.

Alas, time to stop blogging and start getting stuff done. Getting up so late isn’t making this task any easier. Perhaps a lazy day will be better. Perhaps, but then we’ll still have all the stuff at the other house we want to have here.

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