Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You know when the stars are all in alignment and everything goes perfectly according to plan? I don’t.

We are moving this weekend and there are a few hindrances to compete with. First, I work Saturday, but fortunately only until two in the afternoon. Second, most of our friends who were going to help us move can’t for legitimate reasons. Third, I really don’t want to move. I’m sure that once we actually start loading stuff into the U-Haul and take it over to the new house it’ll be different, but for now I just really don’t want to do it. The task seems far too daunting, especially considering how ill-prepared we really are.

Let’s take, for example, our decision to paint on Mother’s Day. Not the greatest plan. Nor the fact that so many of our friends and family have birthdays in May. Ugh. This is why we wanted to move in March. Oh well, at least we have lots of boxes. I just can’t wait until tomorrow when we have the carpets cleaned so we can actually start moving stuff into place. Of course, the cable guy and natural gas person will be out tomorrow too, so my plan is to start putting the kitchen together as much as I can. Priorities, right?

So while the actual move has been poorly timed, getting everybody we need out to the house to make it livable on the same day will hopefully work out well. Of course, I really hope the gas guy doesn’t ask where the furnace is because I haven’t a clue.

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