Sunday, May 22, 2011


This morning our dog decided to vomit all the grass she’s been stress eating since we moved in. It’s been a while since removing bodily refuse from carpet.

All the animals seem to be, well, freaking out. All except our bipolar calico cat, Tuesday, who has been positively sweet and loving since we moved. Our Great Dane, Lucy, has been ultra itchy and even more in the way than usual. And Dexter, our long-haired possible Main Coon mix has been even more, well, rambunctious and bordering on annoying with his sudden habit of sharpening his claws on our couch. But seriously, finding fresh vomit first thing in the morning beats all that.

Now, this isn’t all that unusual for Lucy to eat grass, especially during times of great stress. Certainly this whole moving adventure has been quite nerve-racking for her. However, vomit on carpet is much different to clean than carpet on hardwood floors. Ugh. It seems that no matter how much I blot it never wants to all come up. With solid surface floors it was simply a matter of wiping.

Fortunately we had some Oxy Clean Laundry Stain Remover on hand, so I sprayed down the sites (yes, plural) and let them sit for a few minutes before blotting some more. It helped, but I have a feeling it didn’t get all of the stuff up, even though the towels weren’t showing any of the off-colored liquid. Oh well, at least the carpets are so incredibly stained that I don’t think it’ll make a damn bit of difference if another stain or two gets added the mix. Then again, looking at the floors now I don’t see anything so perhaps we did get it all. I suppose only time will tell.

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