Thursday, May 19, 2011


Finally I feel like I am beginning to unbox our lives. Unfortunately there is still a large part that needs to be packed and moved over… including the chickens.

So I have a plan for today, and that is to unpack and set up the boys’s room, unpack the kitchen, and get a longer hose for the refrigerator’s ice maker because my little brain wasn’t thinking when I got one that was obviously way too short yesterday. Of course, my brain was also operating on practically nothing when I bought the hose because my attempt at eating breakfast at work was foiled by an influx of telephone calls and a person dropping off a dead lady’s dog that was supposed to be in Texas but was found broken and bruised in her abandoned house’s yard by the neighbor. Yes, Macho is back at the clinic. My granola bar lunch I was looking forward too wasn’t going to help the matter either. Hmmm… perhaps this is why I’ve lost twenty-five pounds since I started working again?

Ah, the joys of unpacking stuff. First you have to locate the items you are looking for and then you have to figure out where in the hell you are going to put them because after nearly fourteen years of this stuff practically not moving much you suddenly have to find new places to put them. This is especially true in our awkwardly designed kitchen/dining room. I mean, what is the point of having a new kitchen if it has less storage than something built in the 50s? Of course, I think the revert back to basics approach versus the Every-Kitchen-Needs-To-Be-Huge Phase must have been on the builder’s mind a decade ago. Especially considering the smaller size of the house, it’s gotta be a starter or ender home. Which is fine because ninety percent of the time it is just the two of us, and the boys really don’t have a whole lot in the way of toys or possessions that aren’t ours from our childhoods (or the desperate attempts to hold onto them) so really it is just going to be a matter of what do we need and what can we live without.

Alas, I suppose I should begin getting the boys’s room in order for them since they’ll be here tomorrow. I wouldn’t want their first impression of the house to be, “I’d rather go back to the homeless shelter, it’s not as ghetto.” Of course, the boys are going to be in for a big surprise because their mom is moving this weekend into their new home, which is going to be super exciting for all involved. I’m sure it’ll be nice to finally be back on her own, though maybe a little daunting at first. And to finally be able to unpack her life as well. Good luck, Miss R.!

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