Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crappy Plumbing

Seriously, we moved out of a house that had horrific issues with the kitchen sink and into a much newer house with silly plumbing issues. Grrr… AARGH!!!

Okay, so perhaps the two simply cannot be compared. However, it is quite tiring to find a puddle under the sink because whoever installed the pipes didn’t take into account things like, say, measurements, before cutting and putting them together. Of course, we still have most of our extra PVC pipes from the old house and I’m sure I could fix the problem myself, the quarter after six in-the-morning time I usually find this problem hinders my motivation to do so. Alas, I suppose that if I want something done I’ve got to do it myself… especially since we already got the problem taken off our rent when we moved in because I thought I had remedied it back then.

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