Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cruise Control

There are those in the ‘FOR’ cruise control category and those in the ‘AGAINST’. I’m definitely in the latter.

I don’t know why people, mainly my husband, are so adamant I use cruise control while driving. Yes, I know it saves (a miniscule amount of) gas. Yes, I know it makes for a smoother ride. Yes, I know the reasons why I don’t use it, too. For one, I’m a control freak. I can almost hear the audible gasp from the reading audience. (Please note, that was sarcasm.) I always have been. I don’t necessarily need to control the outcome of a situation but if I’m in charge, I need to be in control of what is going on. I also have a tendency to butt in while other people are working on something like, say, dinner.

Anyway, so to get back to the issue of cruise control, I don’t like it because I’m not in control. Yes, my hands are still on the steering wheel, but my feet aren’t controlling the gas pedal and that scares me. This isn’t to say that I’ve never used it, because I have. I didn’t care for it, nor the fact that my mind wandered away from driving while doing so. Not such a great thing to do, you know, while going seventy miles per hour.

I suppose I could equate cruise control to our coffee argument. While I am affirmatively in the most definitely ‘FOR’ category, my husband is certainly and without a doubt in the ‘AGAINST’ column. Perhaps I’ll bring this up next time he wants me to just use the damn cruise control. Or that he can drive if he wants it used.

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