Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fall Quilt Sandwiched

Measuring is a good thing. But what if your measurements are exactly what you measured and they are still off?

After going through the steps I took to get the measurements I originally used, I figured out my mistake of making the top’s side borders twice the size the book, Material Obsessions, called for. Figures. Something simple I forgot to take into consideration when piecing the back. A quick fix was to simply add a few more inches to the sides of the backing, so that is what I did. I could’ve gone a couple different routes by either finding a completely different binding or only adding the extra backing to one side, but in the end I decided I really wanted the Sandy’s Solids Walnut for the border and binding.

Once the backing was properly sized, I taped it to the kitchen floor using painters tape, smoothing and adjusting as needed. I then put the batting, Warm and Natural one-hundred percent cotton, over that repeating the process of smoothing before topping it with the quilt top. After I got it right where I wanted it, I again taped it down to keep it in place. With safety pins, I basted the quilt in the center of each block and where each of the blocks meet to keep everything in place when I begin quilting it.

There is just one problem, which is I need to embroider my name and date onto the back first. Do I date it for 2011 since that is the year I finished the piecing, or go ahead and put 2012 since that is when I’ll be finished with the actual hand quilting of the project?

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