Friday, December 23, 2011

Fall Quilt: Backing Complete

Instead of packing I decided to quilt. Go figure. This morning is going to be a mad rush!

Last night I decided I really wanted to finish the border and backing for The Fall Quilt in order to bring it with me on our vacation. I’m not really sure why I was so motivated, but I designed, measured and cut a backing that was pleasing to my eyes and sewed the whole thing up in a couple hours. Of course, those couple hours started at ten last night. All in all I’m happy with the results, utilizing all of the scrap ends from the Mix & Mingle jelly roll and deciding to use Sandy’s Solids Walnut for the outside border and binding for the back, as well as some muslin and a filler print I got for a dollar a yard back in 2006. I wanted the back to hold interest too, but at the same time tie into the theme of the front and I think I accomplished that. Hopefully I’ll have some down time this coming week (though sincerely doubt it) to start hand quilting! I’ve never attempted hand quilting a full-sized project and this being a 60 by 90 inch quilt should prove interesting.

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