Friday, December 30, 2011

Something I Need

With Christmas just barely behind us, it’s time for what we really need. I really need a quilting hoop.

Okay, so perhaps there are NEEDs and WANTs and a quilt hoop would probably fall more into the WANT category. However, after trying yesterday during my lunch to make an old embroidery hoop pretend to be a quilt hoop, I’ve come to the conclusion that it most definitely should be in the NEED category. Embroidery hoops are generally rather thin and flimsy and this one I’ve had for more years than I can remember, or even recollect why I bought an eighteen inch embroidery hoop in the first place, and this one I’m curious how it hasn’t fallen apart since it is obviously a product of the early nineties. Let’s just say trying to use this thing with a seventy by ninety inch quilt was laughable at best.

And so it appears I will be needing to make a trip to the local quilt shop next week to try on some quilt hoops for size. Hopefully I will find one that works well. I don’t need anything fancy, just one that will not bend and bow as I’m trying to quilt. And preferably wood over plastic.

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