Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday Sewing

Sometimes you just need to tell yourself you are going to do something no matter what. Especially if you have been unconsciously abstaining from it.

After church yesterday I had one goal, sewing. I didn’t get all that I set out to do, but got pretty far. Between plotting out a coworkers birthday cake and making butternut squash soup I sewed and sewed, finishing up the final three blocks for The Fall Quilt (I thought I only had two, but alas, there were three) and putting the border on the Frog and Fairy Baby Quilt. All in all I’m pretty happy with the results. That being said, I wish I had changed a few things.

The Fall Quilt I started using a jelly roll of Sandy Gervais’s Mix & Mingle from Moda Fabrics. I also mixed in some of Sandy’s Solids from various charm packs to create the four feature panels. While I’ve already sewed the rows together, part of me wants to rip the stitches out and frame them before adding them to the quilt using the Walnut solid I picked out for the sides of the quilt. The other part says screw it, just finish the damn thing already!

Now the Frog and Fairy Baby Quilt I was hoping to get the border, backing and batting all sandwiched together, but alas I only… please excuse my train of thought, the cat just decided to jump into the fish tank and knock out half the power in the kitchen… got so far as to put the border on and that’s it. Hopefully tonight between baking cake I’ll be able to finish this and figure out what I’m going to do with The Fall Quilt.

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