Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The fridge in the garage wasn’t running this morning. Something must have tripped the ground fault circuit interrupter.

Last year we had an issue with the breaker box and specifically with the GFCI outlet in the garage that also links the outdoor outlets. While I thought I had fixed the issue, it seems to have returned. Bastard. For starters, the breaker for the range in the kitchen was way too low for a range to be plugged into. This would kind of make cooking in the kitchen a bit difficult. Needless to say we had the landlord fix that pronto. Of course, what I’m concerned about is that the mice we see in the house and coming out of the wall beneath the sink may also be in the walls in other parts of the house and chewing on the wiring. My husband will be picking up some stuff to remedy that situation after getting his haircut this morning.

So, for the time being, since it seems the refrigerator is once again the culprit in overloading the system, I plugged it into another outlet via an extension cord until I can figure out a more permanent fix. Ugh. I guess it’s better than the house catching fire!

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