Monday, July 9, 2012


Even though we’ve had rather hot weather for here in the Pacific Northwest, I was inside a house without air conditioning quilting yesterday. Just call me crazy.

The sewing machine is in the office, which is also the hottest room in the house because of the computer. So while my husband was away floating on an inner tube in a river somewhere most of the day, I decided to sew up a backing and begin the quilting process. After looking at the lines in the quilt, I decided simple straight line quilting would work and began sewing from the center of the quilt out. It would have also been a good candidate for free-motion quilting, but I decided I’d better not test my luck on a larger quilt like that. Instead I opted to sew just outside the center squares of every other block and used that as a guide to make quilt lines every four and a half inches. I managed to finish the quilting itself and sew the strips of binding together, but then the heat really set in and I had to retire into the living room and watch the last two episodes of True Blood season 4 which pissed me off so much I had trouble sleeping. The heat didn’t help either.

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  1. LOL. Those episodes of True Blood nearly made me put my foot through the TV!