Friday, July 6, 2012

Drunken Barbie Birthday Cake

My coworker’s birthday is coming up, so I made her a Barbie cake. Of course, Barbie was drunk as hell, losin’ shoes and shit.

When it gets a little slow at work, the internet magically appears. Lately our fascination has been Pinterest. I think it is supposed to work like an idea board where you pin together items to do together when, say, creating a meal or redecorating the living room. We use it to laugh… a lot. Oh, sure, we’ve both used it for other things, but for the most part it is the random humor people have pinned we check out. Anyway, at one point we found a picture of a Barbie-like doll ass-planted into a cake in a drunken-fallen-girl pose surrounded by alcohol. Let’s call this my inspiration for her birthday cake. She loved it.

(The original... for comparative purposes only.)

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