Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family vs. Family

It baffles me to no end the lengths some people will go to defend a rapist over their own child, a victim of his actions. Furthermore, it baffles me that this person, a victim of rape herself, cannot understand why her daughter does not want anything to do with the people who called her a liar, a whore, and the very person responsible for breaking our family apart. When does the blame game end? Why aren’t they also attacking the twenty or so other girls who came forward and sent this criminal to prison? What will it take for a mother to realize she is wrong? Of course, that would require her to take responsibility for her actions, something this family has an incredibly difficult time doing.

I believe in forgiveness, but at some point the other side has to admit their behavior has been atrocious. Even after all these years, it’s painfully obvious they are still blinded by the damage they have caused.

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