Monday, July 16, 2012

A Time to Toss

Cleaning out the garage is a good thing. So is getting rid of stuff you want but really don’t need to be storing.

After church we decided to attack the garage. Ever since we moved in, we simply put everything in the middle of the garage and have been walking around it to get to whatever we needed at any given time. We figured it was time to stack everything against a wall and throw out what we don’t want anymore or donate it. We ended up with a small pile of donations, a lot of boxes to break down and recycle, and tons more space. Alas, it was time to toss some of the things I’ve been holding onto since my childhood, one being a coloring poster of various fairy tales and children’s books characters that was half-finished. Further inspection revealed it had indeed been infected with mold from the old house. However, I had my little sentimental bit, took a picture, and moved on.

Sometimes it is necessary to throw away things from your past in order to fully embrace the future. Holding onto what could have been will only leave you stuck in time.

(p.s. – I found my feather boas.)

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