Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fabric and Quilts

Sometimes even I surprise myself with old projects. Other times I wonder what the hell was I thinking.

After reorganizing the garage, I found a bin filled with the rest of my fabric stash and a couple unfinished quilts, along with the feather boas I knew I didn’t leave at the old house. Making room for all that fabric was quite the challenge, as the bookcase I keep everything on was already approaching maximum capacity. However, I managed to squeeze it all in. Along with my stash of quilting fabrics, I also found five yards of heavy duty canvas I scored for $3.96 back in 2002. What I am going to do with it I don’t know, but I put it on top of the bookcase along with the bolts of upholstery fabric for some future unknown project.

There were a few UFOs (unfinished objects) in the mix, one of which I plan on throwing away because, well, it is hideous. Or maybe I’ll finish it quickly and donate it. I haven’t decided yet. The yet to be finished Family Tree Quilt I had started for my mother I will more than likely end up finishing for myself as she should have gotten the original one I made for my grandmother after her passing. Then there is the story quilt based off a children’s book I made back in high school, which has some surrounding blocks and a good base. This I will definitely be working on in the near future. However, since every part of this quilt so far has been hand stitched and appliquéd, may require some time. Considering I started this quilt back in 1998, I think taking my time would be appropriate.

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