Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Time

Warm weather has finally hit the Pacific Northwest. Thank goodness for an aunt and uncle with a riverside pool.

Saturdays are family day during the summer at my aunt and uncle’s house, and yesterday was a perfect day for the weekly pool party. It was also taco night and I ate way too many tacos. I mean waaaaaaaayyy too many. I think I had seven, but honestly after the fifth or sixth I lost count. I also lost count of how many beers I had and by the time I got home had a horrible headache, probably from the combination of the sun and dehydration. We also manage to get my uncle’s old grill home to rebuild, so that means my husband will have another summer project to work on. Oh summer, summer, summer, summer, summer time! May blessings be upon you… as long as you don’t get too hot.

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