Monday, July 23, 2012


Looking through old notebooks and sketchpads of writings and drawings made me realize just how much technology has changed how I approach both. It’s only recently that I’ve discovered that latter is not exclusive to the former.

I still had some organizing to do in the garage after last week’s big overhaul cleaning session. In the process I kept like items together; tools, sports equipment and camping gear each have their own shelf. I also opened a box simply titled BOOKS and found my Bibles, school yearbooks, computer animation books (for whenever I decide to get back into making Adobe Flash cartoons again), along with a notebook filled with random bits and pieces from various books I’ve written over the years or have yet to write and a sketchpad of drawings that was obviously from around the time I practically stopped drawing. Perhaps I need to start carrying something similar with me around at all times again just in case inspiration hits while I’m away from the computer.

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