Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rain on a Wedding Day

They say it is good luck to have it rain when tying the knot since a wet knot is much more difficult to break apart than a dry one. I say it was just great fun.

Dark clouds loomed in the sky above us as we waited for the wedding ceremony to begin, edging closer and closer to where we were all seated. Many umbrellas were at the ready, tucked beneath chairs or in laps. Mere moments in, the rain started, and didn’t let up for hours. It was magical.

I don’t know what it is about summer rain, but I love it. True, many of the decorations outside got, well, trampled on by the showers, but the lighthearted nature of the whole event kept everyone in a great mood. I’m sure the alcohol helped, and all the food that the groom personally caught. The salmon was amazing, the oysters succulent, the lamb so tender and juicy. I didn’t ask if he killed and slaughtered the lamb. Hmmm… I wonder? Oh, and the pies! There were so many choices of deliciousness from which to choose.

The wedding and reception was amazing. The bride and groom looked incredibly happy. But the rain made it unforgettable.

Rob and Betsy, may blessings be showered upon your lives together!


  1. Sounds like rain made this wedding even more memorable and joyous! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  2. I can assure you the lamb was purchased from a butcher. Rob hunts wild game such as elk, but leaves lamb and the like to those who specialize in it. It sure was tasty though! So glad you guys came!!! It was a wonderful time and I am thankful everyone had as much fun as us! P.S. pretty sure your goldfish were the only two to get out alive!