Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Day Before

Preparing for an Independence Day barbecue is usually pretty simple. Well, simple, of course, if you aren’t slobs like us.

There are floors to vacuum, dishes to do and put away, bathrooms to clean, litter boxes to change, and the backyard needs, well, some attention. Oh, and the grill is in pieces thanks to my husband deciding that now would be a good time to tear it apart… right before having people come over for a barbecue. Brilliant! Okay, so it really won’t take much to get everything together for tomorrow, but still… IT’S TOMORROW!!!

Fortunately I’ve got most of the menu figured out. I’m thawing out a pork roast for pulled pork sandwiches, which needs to go into the slow cooker soon to get its proper thirty hour cook time in. The accompanying coleslaw will take mere minutes to put together. I’m making my famous (yet haven’t baked in nearly five years) chocolate chip cookies that take three days to complete (hence, the nearly five year hiatus.) And of course we will hopefully have a functioning grill for people to use.

For the drinks, we asked everyone to bring their own preference, but I’m still going to make some sun tea. Also, I’ve got three bottles of hard apple cider a former coworker made and gave me back in January that I can’t wait to drink.

It will be fantastic if it all comes together. However, reality is something will get lost in the shuffle. The most important part is to enjoy the company you are spending the time with, not whether the driveway was swept or the floors mopped to a spotless perfection.

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