Friday, July 27, 2012

Going Away Quilt Given

We had a meeting at work yesterday, so I felt it was time to give my coworker the quilt I had made for her to take to college with her. She cried.

My coworker who is leaving for Washington State University in Pullman next week was already an emotional wreck after she walked in the door. We had packed up all her stuff because we knew she wouldn’t be able to do it without having a complete meltdown. Seriously, she cries over everything. And she is a hoarder too, apparently. We found so much half eaten food and junk in her box it was ridiculous. I even found the last of the Samoas Girl Scouts Cookies she had to have in the middle of all the mess, uneaten. Bitch. I almost left a note with the word ‘Bitch’ on it, but alas, decided against it. Sure enough when she came in and noticed her box cleaned out, the waterworks began flowing. She wasn’t mad, but said it was just the realization that she really was leaving in a few short days.

So after our employee meeting, I decided she should go ahead and open up the present I made her. After she did, more tears were running down her cheeks. I’m telling you, the girl could give Demi Moore a run for her money in that department. Anyway, she was thrilled and shocked that I had made her a quilt, and I was glad she loved it so much. I’m going to miss her, even if she is a cookie-hoarding emotional basket case. 

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