Friday, April 15, 2011

Auction Day

Today our house goes up for auction at the county courthouse. Honestly, I feel sorry for the poor bastard who actually bids on the house.

With all the rain we’ve had lately, the evidence that we are leaving this house at the right time couldn’t be more apparent. There are so many leaks in the roof it is ridiculous. Just walk into our garage while it is raining and you’ll be hard pressed not to get hit by the Drip Drip Drop of Little April Showers. Not to mention what it is doing under the house where all that rain water, and I’m sure the busted sewer pipe from the kitchen sink is helping in this matter too, has manifested into huge pools of standing water. It is no wonder the house always feels damp and why it has such horrendous mold issues.

I’m pretty sure any part of me that was sentimental about the house left after the busted sewer pipe in the kitchen where, thank God, my husband utilized the magical powers of duct tape to “fix.” It also helps that we’ve started packing away a lot of our stuff turning what once we called home into the empty shell of a house. The exciting part comes when we get to do the final walk through with the landlord either tonight or tomorrow morning, which if it is in the morning I’ll be unable to attend due to the cake order I’m working on. However, I trust my husband’s judgment, so I will only be slightly saddened by not going.

Alas, I must attend to making the fillings and icings for the wedding cake now. I suppose in a way, this will mark the end of an era for us. After all, we moved in on the day Princess Di passed away and we’ll be moving out when her eldest son William gets married. Not that the royal family is anything to get your knickers all in a bunch over. Just another one of life’s silly coincidences.

On a last note, I hope the house doesn’t get bid on and the bank ends up having to keep it in their stockpile for years to come until it has to be condemned for not being kept up. Evil? Yes. But that would make me a little bit happy about the whole thing.


  1. If it goes up for bid today, doesn't the new owner get to take possession of it today as well?? When are you going to finally be in your other place?

  2. By law we have 20 days after the sale of the house to be out. If we were renting it from a landlord who had it foreclosed on, we'd have 60 days. We should hopefully be all moved in two weeks. Hopefully.

  3. Good luck in moving, cake making and in general, your new lives. I feel for you.