Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Etsy Shop

I haven’t talked much about my Etsy Shop lately. Must be because I haven’t been adding anything new to my shop.

In a perfect world you’d create something people will want to buy. In the case of my shop, I’ve found that people really want to buy patterns to make stuff themselves. I get that. While I like to scour the internet for as many free patterns as I can find to create stuff, sometimes it is better to have the pattern and a clear, concise, step-by-step explanation of the process complete with pictures to help guide you along the way. Hence, the reason I made my Puppet Oddity PDF Instruction eBook and Patterns. Twenty-four pages and over one-hundred-twenty color pictures with tips and hints to either Challenge you or make it Simple.

When I set out to make the patterns and instructions, I didn’t intend for it to become so involved, I just decided to make it in a way that was accessible to the beginner and the novice alike. Beginning crafters or people new to making puppets may appreciate the Simple Tips, sometimes shortcuts and sometimes just easier ways to create, while people who’ve been crafting for quite some time would like the Challenge Tips added along the way for ways to add more character and depth to their puppets. Otherwise, the eBook was written for the inbetween crafter with some sewing, cutting and gluing experience.

Why am I writing about this particular pattern? Because it has been a year since I put the pattern up for sale in my shop and has proven to be the most popular item by far. Actually, of the physical items in my shop I’ve only sold a few old thread spools I was getting rid of while the rest of my sales have been this pattern. So for the next week I am offering a special to the readers of this blog… 25% off your purchase in my Etsy Shop! Just enter the Coupon Code PATTERNS during Checkout to take advantage of this sale.


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