Friday, June 22, 2012


Sometimes I dread baking. Like, say, during the summer.

Baking in a house without air conditioning during hot summer days has got to be one of the worst forms of torture imaginable. I mean, yes, there is sweet cupcakey goodness in the end, but does that justify hovering over a hot oven for hours? Alas, I suppose it does.

And so tonight after work I will bake. I will bake gluten-free black bean chocolate cupcakes. I will bake buttermilk French vanilla cupcakes. Oh yes, I will bake. Now I just need to figure out when in our hectic weekend schedule I will have time to make the frosting and frost said cupcakes before church on Sunday.

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  1. Oh, I dread baking in the summer, too. We have A/C (it's a *must* here in Kansas) but it just can't keep up when the temps go over 90F. Add in hot flashes and, well... sorry for the TMI.

    Whatever you do, do NOT tell yourself "Oh, putting a stand fan in the kitchen aimed right at me will help." Because it won't, and you'll just sweat even worse when you're cleaning flour off the walls, floor and ceiling.

    Go ahead, ask me how I know. ;)