Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yard Work

Our yard is in desperate need of some attention. That doesn’t necessarily mean I want to give it any.

One of my least favorite things is yard work. I love planting flowers and tending flower beds and vegetable gardens. But the actual work itself? Not so much. I don’t care for mowing, and the only weed I like, the dandelion, is the only weed we actually have in our lease agreement that there are to be none of in the yard. Well, the yellow ones anyway. I can do without the white fluffy ones.

Fortunately our front yard is one giant rock garden. Unfortunately our neighbor overseeded her lawn last year and now we have grass, albeit dead grass thanks to a generous spray of Round-Up, covering the crushed rocks. The only thing worse than mowing is trying to pull up dead grass from compressed rocks. Is it sad that I am hoping for rain to wash out our plans to do yard work today?

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