Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spontaneous Cooking

I am a spontaneous cook. That doesn’t mean random acts of baking will occur, but it has been known to happen.

By spontaneous cooking, I mean I don’t necessarily follow a recipe, I follow my gut. Rare are the days that measuring cups and spoons are out when I cook. Baking I tend to be a little more stringent, but not much. I’ve begun relaxing my exactness in baking over the last couple years, but will probably continue to use the cups and spoons, just maybe not the knife to even the top off. Anyway, when it comes to measuring, I approximate. This, I know, comes with years of experience. There is a downside to this in that when people ask for the recipe, I’ll give them what I think the measurements should be. The problem with that is that since I don’t measure, the amount used will vary from dish to dish and only an experienced cook can anticipate that.

Alas, with school out for summer, my husband has decided to start doing the cooking. He is not a spontaneous cook. He is a measurements and preciseness cook. It’s my fault, really. I never allow him in the kitchen. So I will leave the cooking up to him for a couple months and see what happens. Who knows, maybe I will be surprised.

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