Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Equality: Part One

My church supports marriage equality. Does yours?

I was recently asked by our pastor at church to create yard signs for church members to show their support of marriage equality in anticipation of the opposition getting enough signatures to get it on the ballot this fall. Not surprisingly they did… again. Hopefully Washington voters will affirm, much like a couple years ago, equal rights and protections under the law. Anyway, so I had him scribble up some basic drawings to get an idea of what they should look like and put a few together in a matter of minutes. The response at church was overwhelmingly positive. I mean, it is one thing to participate in a march for equality, but to publicly display your support in your yard? That takes courage.

And so it was decided to take the one with a line drawing of our church and use that one specifically for our members first and see if there was any other churches who would want to do the same. I don’t think the signs were even delivered before other churches showed interest. So it looks like I will have to design a less specific and more broad version of the sign. Fortunately our pastor came through again and figured out a logo that would work. I just have to put it together now.

The little corrugated plastic yard signs, typical of election year signage, have gotten quite a bit of publicity on the local news stations, newspapers and online publications. It’s kind of neat to know that I had a small hand in making it happen.



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