Monday, June 11, 2012


Yesterday I did some gardening. Today I am sunburned.

Nobody needs to stress the importance of sunscreen here as I am so rarely outside long enough to require it, but apparently I didn’t realize just how long I was potting flowers and planting my at long last located Brandywine tomato, my favorite heirloom. I also put hanging baskets on the chicken coop to dress it up a bit as well. While a majority was container gardening, we did get a few plants to put around the pond in the front yard to help spruce it up a bit. After doing so, I think we should get a couple more pots and plant some more stuff as it looks a little, well, naked. It never fails to surprise me just how ugly everything looks right after you pot it, but I know that in a week it will all look amazing.

1 comment:

  1. The plants are gorgeous! I don't know why I'd been assuming you two had some huge acreage somewhere. Maybe because of the chickens and ducks? It's a cute backyard, and I love the Buddha statute.