Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dirty Kitchen

Ignoring the kitchen cleaning duties for the past few days is really beginning to show. Fine, so it started showing a few days ago, gawd, get off my back!

Clean dishes in the dishwasher; a full rack of dried pans and large bowls on the counter; a sink filled with grilling tools and bowls; the stovetop and adjacent counter covered in pots, pans, dishes and utensils… it is time to clean. I’m usually on top of this, doing dishes daily to prevent scenarios you would have found in the computer game The Sims, but alas, the last few days I’ve just not been into cleaning. I’ve been avoiding it with multiple episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a row.

So now the time to clean is upon us. A time to empty the dishwasher and rack; a time to wash the hand wash only dishes and pots and pans; a time to once again have an uncluttered kitchen counter space. Ugh. I do not want that time to be today.


  1. LOL about the Sims. When the game first came out, I spent several days playing almost non-stop. At one point, my husband looked over my shoulder and asked, "Wait. You're playing a game where you have to do dishes and clean house, and OUR sink is overflowing and the bathrooms are gross?" Well, yeah, but it only takes the click of the mouse to clean or do dishes in the Sims!

  2. Well, fortunately I was never that obsessed with the game. With that being said, I have drowned after swimming in the pool and not realizing I didn't have a ladder to get out. Very sad.

    1. Oh, no! Last time I played Sims 3 (it's been over a year), I got struck by lightning. Something about dying in that game tends to discourage people from playing more.